The Meritus Collective was established to bring together musicians of all instruments who shared a passion for chamber music and to provide platforms from which to perform. Members have trained at most of the major conservatoires in Britain and between them have performed as parts of chamber groups all around the world and for orchestras including the London Symphony Orchestra and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


Members of the collective also show a wide range music performance from playing in baroque orchestras to working with opera companies, musical theatre companies and pop artists such as Rick Wakeman and Ed Sheeran.  Members also boast a number of radio and television appearances on programmes such as BBC Radio 3’s In Tune programme and Dave Gorman’s Modern Life is Goodish.

The name Meritus is taken from Felix Mendelssohn’s pseudonym, Felix Meritus, that he used when contributing to Robert Schumann’s music journal, Der Neue Zeitschrift For Musik. Mendelssohn and his contemporaries were closely linked both professionally and socially and it is the links between composers and their repertoire that the Meritus Collective aims to explore.

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